About Us

THE PERFORMANCE CHIROPRACTOR was developed from a passion our principal practitioners Matthew Rabin and Anthony Lavin have towards the treatment of sports injuries and the performance benefits that chiropractic care can offer.

What is Performance Chiropractic?

An approach to the individual to find out what is going wrong and putting it right as quickly as possible using a range of hands-on chiropractic techniques.

Our chiropractors have tons of experience treating and managing sports injuries. Often an athlete will approach us for a ‘tune-up’ but won’t be in any pain. We screen for biomechanical or neuromuscular restrictions or ‘energy leaks’ as we call them, and treat them accordingly to get the body back firing on all cylinders.

We just want to get you better in the shortest possible time so you can perform to your best whatever your stage may be from the sports field or gym to the office or boardroom.

Knowing one size doesn’t fit all, we provides a network of practitioners with a variety of skills to help you get back to your best.


We don’t beat around the bush. We want to answer the following three questions on your first appointment and get to work on getting you better:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Can you help me?
  • How long will it take?
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