Anthony Lavin

BSc(Hons), MSc(Chiro), DC, CCEP, ICSSD | Chiropractor

Hailing from Donegal in Ireland Anto has always had a love for sport. He was introduced to chiropractic by his mother who brought him to their local chiropractor with a recurrent sports injury, which had been resistant to treatment, until that first treatment.

As a chiropractor Anto strives to help athletes be in a state of optimum function consistently so they can be one step ahead.

From years of clinical work experience and extensive postgraduate studies he has come to understand that to achieve optimum function and performance one must consider all biomechanical, physiological, nutritional and emotional aspects of the human body. Anto has also completed his ICSSD.

By travelling all over Europe to work and learn alongside some of the world’s leading sports chiropractors Anto has developed skills which have an immediate effect on the athlete, improving their performance, decreasing their risk of injury and in the injured athlete improving their rate of recovery. These techniques can be implemented anywhere- pitch side, trackside or in the treatment room.

He has experience working with athletes from a variety of professional sports from cycling and football to golf, rugby and wrestling.

Currently Anto is a Team Chiropractor to Everton FC in the English Premier League.

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