Athlete Care

With our chiropractic lead approach of improving functional biomechanics and neuromuscular control we aim to effectively address three areas that are of utmost importance to all athletes:

    Finding the fastest possible routes to recovery and rehabilitation, getting to the source of the problem, and implementing a suitable care management plan.
    Many injuries occur due to repetitive stress, build up of minor trauma and overload which finally causes breakdown and injury. Effective assessment and management of sub-clinical biomechanical and neuromuscular problems can help prevent such injuries.
    Enhancing the efficiency of the neuromuscular, kinematic and biomechanical systems can improve many sub-clinical issues and reduce muscle inhibition leading to better performance.

The Tune Up

By screening for and treating problems that show up biomechanically or related to neuromuscular control what we consider ‘energy leaks’ can be reduced.

This way you can limit these marginal functional losses resulting in improved performance, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and be more consistently at your physical best. You don’t necessarily need to be in pain to benefit from this approach.

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